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The Tragedy of Enclosures: the question of the commons as a question about the city is a dissertation that addresses the concept of the commons, in opposition to -the essential for capitalism- enclosures, both previous and current. The analysis aims at a comprehension of commoning practices that are related to contemporary urban environment.

Urban space is understood as the main place where enclosures and commons are realised. During the last three decades the concept of commons has appeared in the political discourse in several ways. In this paper commons are presented as ways out of the domination of free market, as possible alternative models of social organization. Through today’s thinking about commons and practicing them, through producing and reproducing them, a way of thinking about the future is suggested.

Commons and common’s networks, which may appear in different aspects of human life, are acknowledged as an alternative perspective of production. According to this perspective, the commons are examined through the relations they propose, the issues they may face and finally their potential.

In collaboration with Venia Anyfanti and Christina Giannaki.
Adviser: Maria Markou.


Graduation thesis, School of Architecture, NTUA, Athens, 2015.