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Speculative Streaming is a two-hour workshop where the participants explore ways of "streaming" to each other, both through text (via Etherpad) or + through audio (via Icecast).

The workshop is split into two sections: first, the participants start writing and editing feminist speculative stories on Etherpad, in order to generate fragmented narratives of desired future technologies. They also start creating scripts and scores that can be used later, in the audio streaming session.

In the second part, the participants narrate the produced texts, transmitting them live over a series of broadcast channels that co-exist in a live composition interface. The second part is using the space of the interface called Temporary Riparian Zone.

The workshop was developed together with Angeliki Diakrousi and Cristina Cochior for the Feminist Hackers Assembly of the Remote Chaos Experience (rC3) conference in 2020.


rC3, online, 2020.