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Marginal Conversations is a workshop that explores collective reading, annotating and performing texts. We read, and write notes in the margins; usually in private, isolated from other readers. We come across texts with others’ notes on them; the author unknown, their thoughts obscure. What happens when we share our notes, vocalise and perform them?

In this workshop, participants read, annotate and discuss the open letter In Solidarity with Library Genesis and Sci-Hub. We compare annotations to detect common areas of interest and to also explore different methods, where readers can develop codes and techniques to extend the content of the source and express their personal understanding of it.

This workshop is part of The Library is Open, XPUB Special Issue #08. It was developed together with Simon Browne and Paloma GarcĂ­a and took place in Leeszaal Rotterdam in 2019.


Leeszaal Rotterdam, 2019.