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The Feminist Hack Meetings are a series of research meetings and workshops that explore the potentialities and imaginaries of feminist technological collectives. These gatherings aim to challenge who counts as a hacker, and what counts as hacking.

The diverse activities of these gatherings include sociopolitical discussions around technology and feminism, storytelling, prototyping and skill-sharing, as well as art experiments. We invite people, who are interested in technology and the processes of shaping it, to discuss and work together in four thematic sections: Feminist Servers, Care & Inclusivity, Speculative Fiction, Radio & Feminism.

The Feminist Hack Meetings (FHM) are developed together with Angeliki Diakrousi and decentral1se. For our first event in March 2021 we invited Mara Karagianni to lead a workshop with the theme Feminist Servers: Backups, migrations, and other painful stories.


Varia, Rotterdam, 2020-2021. The FHM events are made possible with the kind support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.