Fed Up! is a contribution to the 13th issue of the online zine Pervasive Labour Union, which explored the social, economic, and political forces that are at play within the realm of federated social networks. The poster chronologically depicts the Fediverse (federated social web projects) and was presented in the exhibition The Eternal Network, in Transmediale festival 2020.

Federated social networks—aka the Fediverse—are distributed networks beyond the so-called big platforms, in which users collectively share and uphold decentralized technical infrastructures. Revisiting early internet principles of end to end communication and DIY, the Fediverse also readdresses the question of community, catering to fragmented publics and counter publics.

The poster was developed together with Lídia Pereira and Bohye Woo.

Transmediale festival, Berlin, 2020.