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The Library Is Open is a publication that documents a collection of workshops that make the operations within libraries visible and reflect on the legal barriers of making things public. The publication registers the workshops: Marginal Conversations, Knowledge in Action and Blurry Boundaries and reflects on the legal aspect of publications in interviews with Marcell Mars, Dubravka Sekulic and Dusan Barok.

The project was developed by the Piet Zwart Institute’s Experimental Publishing program as part of a research project Special Issue #09: Interfacing the Law in partnership with Constant. Interfacing the Law is a recurring thematic project which looks at how publishing practices develop in accordance, or in dissonance with legal frameworks.

In collaboration with Simon Browne, Tancredi Di Giovanni, Paloma García, Rita Graça, Pedro Sá Couto, Biyi Wen, Bohye Woo

The launch of this project took place in Leeszaal, Rotterdam, 2019. The Special Issue was led by Femke Snelting.


Special Issue #09, XPUB, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, 2020.