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The Borough Road Collection Archive is a platform for developing collective approaches, experimentation, creative annotation and unexpected encounters with an online collection. The selection of digital objects includes images of Modern British artworks from A David Bomberg Legacy - The Sarah Rose Collection, archival material from London South Bank University, as well as contemporary artworks that respond to the collection, documentation and event records.

The platform runs on MediaWiki, free and open-source software for digital archiving. Creating a wiki is a choice that allows collective contributions and editing so that the collection can grow with input from multiple registered users. Collaborators are invited to reflect collectively as online curators, fortune tellers and audio guides of the online collection. Collaborators can interpret the online artwork in response to embodied looking questions and speculative fiction prompts. We will consider where these digital objects might travel or be seen in the future.

The platform is designed and developed in collaboration with Theresa Kneppers as part of her PhD research project at the Centre for the Study of the Networked Image, London South Bank University.

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